Thursday, November 12, 2009

It's Spring going on Summer, lighten up

Ever since I took being a well dressed gent to heart, seriously, I find myself obsessing over clothes. That sounds way feminine. But no, seriously, I find myself thinking of ways that I can expand and vary my wardrobe. For instance, I've been thinking of getting pocket squares in an array of bright colours because the season(s) right now dictate so. I'm wearing a pair of burgundy lace-ups today with fawn pants with stripes. I thought I'd go with a woven belt with burgundy on it BUT it clashed heavily with my pants, so I decided to go belt-less. Did I want to go belt-less, NO, but I had to because I haven't gotten around to buying myself a burgundy belt. It's the little things I need to pay attention to if I am to coast through this journey called being a stylish gent.

I love spring and summer, they are seasons that coax one into experimenting with colours and pushing the envelope when it comes to style. I am ready for the challenge and have committed myself to tackle the job head-on. Therefore without much further ado let me introduce you to lulemon and their take on this year's colours for spring and summer:

I can already tell that tan, alarming and taupe are colours that I will definitely invest in. However this is an just an overview as to what it is you can get for yourself and experiment with. I mean 'octopus' sounds very nautical and 'greaser' as the name sugests oily and 'dirty'. The thing about colour is that it adds variety and cannot be boxed in.

This is only but a glimpse of the colours that are available for spring and summer. Take your time and browse through the site and in the process acquaint and align yourself with your tastes and preferences. more thing by lighten up I definitely am not talking about skin bleaching and lightening creams. Some people like Sammy Sosa have gone a bit too far and taken 'lighten' literally.

                                                            pics courtesy of Yahoo

Wishing you a colourful, splendid and bright spring and summer.

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