Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Threads In-Expensive

Part of why I started this blog is to dispel the myth that style is money. Not necessarily. It pains me to see a well-off gent, draped in designer brands head to toe and the whole look looks disheveled. I mean, if you can afford expensive taste in clothes why not invest some of your money in a stylist...? After all stylists are touted as people who know the trends in fashion and do their best to keep their clientele abreast with said trends. PG, however, is for the man on the street, the young professional, the hip-hop head who won't let go of the baggy jeans and hoodies, the style-less job seeker, etc. This is for men who feel confused by what it entails to build a wardrobe that is befitting the modern gentleman, where to start, how to accessorise, how to layer and how to finish off a look.

I don't have a stylist, I go by what I see in the media but I'm guided mostly by the fact that I know myself and therefore can never really make a mistake when it comes to my dress sense. I looked good in baggy jeans, white t-shirt and fitted cap, thats just not me anymore. The transition to stylish gentleman has been stop and go and not smooth at all and will always be a learning process. I'm glad however to state that I know what my taste is and that's what I'm sticking to.

The purpose of this post is to show you how I put together a presentable look for the workplace and the cost involved. I tell anyone that is willing to listen that 'I am the King of Bargains'. I am extremely economical when it comes to clothes shopping. I pay much more for shoes because they have to be top quality. All it takes really is a little patience in finding the right stores with your taste in clothes and more importantly within your price range. Breaking the bank over clothes is never a good look. A little luck also helps because you're bound to find a piece that is your size and is the only one left in a very serendipitous way. Now how fortuitous could that be.

If you have put in some effort in your dress on a particular day and feel good about it then that's all that matters. However for the perfect gentleman your style has to have conformed to dress rules. What you see below are some pieces I put together for a very little amount in terms of cost. Hope you can draw some inspiration from it. Note that since it is spring I have shifted to lighter colours, shades and fabrics.

(click on the images to enlarge pics)

White Giorgio shirt - Queenspark R150
Light gray double pleat pants (Part of a suit I don't like anymore) - Easywear R250
Patterned navy blue Austin Manor slim tie - J.A.M R5
Fun socks - Fashion fusion R15
Black Polo wing tips - Blue Dot R500
Horse shoe tie bar - Thrift store R15

Gentlemen I urge you, wherever you are, check out thrift shops, factory shops, hit up clearance sales, end of season sales, etc and you will surely find pieces that you can start to build your wardobe.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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