Thursday, November 19, 2009

Without this shoe your 'robe is incomplete

Ok, was channeling Sisqo there for a lil' bit, that 'Incomplete' song. I digress though. My summer wardrobe is incomplete without a loafer. It is the quintessential summer shoe for any style conscious man. For me the summer of '09 is going to be less about sneakers and more about loafers, slip-ons and driving shoes. At the moment I have 3 pairs of driving shoes, a grey pair, tan and bright blue. I have to cease with them and start getting into loafers, like the one's my dad used to wear. Burgundy with tassles. Now that's classy.

There is a pair I saw at a men's store called Mister NAT in Durban. It was a black, tassled pair by Johnston and Murphy going for R800. Quite affordable especially considering the retro classic elegance of J & M. However while on one of my bargain hunting trips a few weeks ago I saw a pair of black tassled loafers at IDEALS going for R200. Now that is going to be my December shoe which I am going to debut in the first week of December. The official start of summer in South Africa.

For me loafers go best with shorts, shorts just above the knee or mid-thigh. They also complement jeans that are cuffed or have a high cuff. Complete the look with a golfer or a casual shirt and you have the summer look down to a tee. Don't get me wrong though a loafer can be dressed up as well. Although I don't like the loafer with a suit with or without socks look. The look does work but with me it would take a lot of convincing to go with it. Below are some of my favourites:

They come in different shades, styles and designs however their purpose never changes and that's to loaf around.

Tyr them out this summer and you'll be happy that you did because this is sheer comfort. Happy LOAFING.

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