Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Dress pants - Stylish and inexpensive

When it comes to dress pants one thing has stood out for me in the '09, and that's fit. Fit, in terms of length, waistline, the taper and so forth. This is an aspect of men's dress that I aim to practice to perfection. After all this is PG, right...?

I happened to visit Fashion Fushion on Matthews Meyiwa road ( formerly Stamdfordhill rd ) today and picked up two pairs of dress pants. One I desperately need and the other I don't need at all. I'll start with the latter. It is a light grey pair of flat front pants with slanted pockets. The reason I say I don't need them is the fact that I already have the very same pair of pants which I bought at Woolworths earlier this year for R250. However due to me needing certain alterations done on them I have given up on ever getting them in the right shape, size or form. You can blame that on my ex-tailor. I have decided that I am going to have the messed up, ill-fitting pants made into shorts. I know they will be better that way.

The price of these pants was R75, very cost effective. The interesting thing about them is that they can be dressed up or down. In a pair of black leather loafers or white Jack Purcell sneakers.

The second pair of pants are a cross between the colours pumpkin and terra-cotta. I am very excited about them because I already have certain combinations I want to try with them. They came in at R120 and are a bargain I must say. For now I can safely say they will work well with a tan pair of lace-ups.

So, if you are in Durban on holiday or are resident then Fashion Fusion is definitely a place to visit because your style and fashion curiosity will be rewarded. I know, today, mine was.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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Fashion Fushion on Matthews Meyiwa road has always been my choice too, nice!!