Thursday, December 17, 2009

Light weight

No, this is not a post about Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather Jr, two skilled and praise worthy pugilists in the light weight division. This post is rather, about the feeling of a particular item of clothing on one's body when adorned. It's almost like when the Pacman or Money punch the air. It's light weight.

I'm talking about the Ralph Lauren classic cotton T-shirt, with the Polo logo at the left hip. I fell in love with these tees a few years ago because of their simple design and the placement of the Polo logo in a rather unconventional and unusual place. the years that I have been in love with this tee I have managed to own one. A white one, given to me by an American fellow I play recreational basketball with. It was pretty worn in and beat up so I hardly wore it because it had lost its lustre. I am, waiting, though, with baited breath for a few, in fact a total of six new ones, from a close family friend, who will bringing me in a variety of colours. The colours I opted for are white, black, heather grey and lavender. Yes, I have big plans for the lavender tee.

These tees are constructed from soft cotton, have a rib knit trim at the neck, the Polo logo at the hip and are sartorially ideal for layering under work shirts (not for me) and wearing alone with jeans (that's me). The look I'm trying to go for with these tees is the knee length or above the knee shorts and the tee. For me, the lavender would complement and coordinate well with a pair of cream white shorts and black sandals.

I told you all that I'm serious about my summer and I'm getting it on.

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