Thursday, December 24, 2009

Money does not equal Style

Every now and then one is confronted with highly paid athletes across the sporting spectrum who are not well dressed at all. One would think that being a millionaire would automatically translate to being stylishly or appropriately dressed. This seems to be the exception rather the norm as many athletes seem to let themselves go as far as style is concerned. For some it is just plain laziness, others a lack of trying and others have no knowledge of style and what it pertains, and would rather faux pas their way rather than spend money on a stylist.

Style has nothing to do with how much you spend on clothes but rather, how you wear it. A suit, for every man, is a start however an immaculately tailored fitting suit is the ultimate complement. And adding personal touches is important. For example developing a habit of tying ties in different knots and coordinating that with the correct choice of shirt can always be current and distinctive. It is also important to note that most well dressed athletes are people who know their bodies and know exactly what works for them.

So even without a stylist one can still put together a meaningful wardrobe. Below is a list of well dressed and not so well dressed athletes. I'll start with the not so...

Mamelodi Sundowns Benedict Vilakazi

Lehlohonolo Seema trying his best Hamid Karzai impersonation

JRich dunks but style poor

Mike in stripes, too rich, too high and that hoop has to go

How a 7 footer is able to dress better than a 6 footer is mind boggling

Now for the well dressed...

Junior you get a pass but reserve the cravat for your actual wedding

Just great Ronaldo

Amar'e Stoudemire representing the big men

Best PG in the NBA, best casual look

Gilbert Arenas in complementary tweed

Deron Williams this look is complete sans the studs

Caron Butler in grey double breast

Nuf sed

This man, in my opinion, has set the standard though:

Lebron James of the Cleveland Cavaliers

Charles Oakley, albeit a well dressed basketballer player in his playing days, knows very little about men's fashion and style, in my opinion. See this article from Details magazine about his interesting perspective on NBA style and those who do it best and those who are umm.....lackng in style totally. Clyde Frazier gets a thumbs up from me for that mustard leather suit.

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PG: Man to man, generation to genration.

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