Sunday, December 13, 2009

The random, quirky post

Since we're in the full swing of things, getting into the Christmas spirit, shopping, relaxing, holidaying, etc, I thought it prudent to dish to you my top 5 tips on how to stay clean, safe, germ-free, this holiday season. These tips have worked for me and I think it's only right that I share them with you.

1. Say it's something I have against public toilets, it can be public toilets anywhere BUT one can never be too careful with them. I try by all means to avoid them because there's just too much happening in them. In my younger days I was always incredulous at the queue of women waiting to use a restroom in a club. What are they doing in there..? Therefore my point is, try to understand your body and metabolism. For me going for a number 2 at a mall, or when out for dinner, etc, is not a good look. I make sure I always take care of that at home, before I head out, before I even take my bath to get ready, so to speak.

2. Toilet door handles are also a no-no for me. Even at work. Ever since I heard a story about a whole school being quarantined because of a meningitis outbreak which was found to have been contracted from a toilet door handle, from that day I vowed to 'never' touch public toilet door handles with my bare hands. When I'm done washing my hands I always make sure I use a paper towel to open the door. Not my bare hand. Can you imagine the people who are reaching for that after their business and those that didn't wash their hands...? Thought so.

3. My wife put me on to this one. The rubber conveyor belt on escalators. Everybody and anybody puts their hands on it. To hold their balance, posture, for whatever reason though, it is not advisable to always glom onto this apparatus simply because of the ease with which germs can be spread. I've tried it before and it works, you can get on and off the escalator without any kind of support. Let alone the conveyor belt.

4. Hot air hand driers, for me, have been a no-no for some years now. There's just something a little off about hands being dried using this apparatus and not thinking that they could be a cesspool for germ residue or whatever. I saw a guy from a well known food outlet using one of these after washing his hands and I thought to myself, "I'm hungry but I can't buy a two piece from them right about now." I always opt for paper towels and in their absence, I just air dry.

5. While we're still on public toilet etiquette, please stop having phone conversations while you're still in the stall. No one wants to hear you. A first for me the other day was hearing someone playing music off their phone while still busy in the stall.

These tips might be eccentric but they're sure helpful. Try them and thank me later.

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