Friday, December 4, 2009

Sound gentleman: Brian Temba

I can't imagine any other artist to ring in a wet and rainy weekend in Durban other than this brother. Brian Temba. A South African born soul singer whose speciality is the acoustic guitar. I must say from the first time I heard his sound a few months ago I was completely blown away, simply because it sounded so fresh and much needed and in what seems to be a world drowned out by the interminable sounds of Pop 'n B. This is definitely music for the grown and mature gentleman because it traverses the spectrum of human emotion and is not lacking in expression of the soft side. Most of my listening though has been online, owing to the lack of  an opportunity to go out and buy the album. It is however an album I recommend for any gentleman, especially for the summer.

For me this is a welcome change from the conventional afro-pop sound that is a distinct South African sound but is very pervasive and seems to have rendered R 'n B music in South Africa faceless. Temba stays true to the game in that his sound is distinct and this moreso because of his pseudo British accent. It does no harm to his message though. Some of my favourite tracks on the album are 'Dominoes' and 'Don't let me fall', the latter receiving reasonable airplay on S.A. radio.

Check out the 'Dominoes' video below because not only is this album proudly South African it sure is "Something Better!"

brian temba

Ultras vamos

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PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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