Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Summer essential: First pair of shades I'm proud of wearing

So last week sometime I bought a November copy of GQ magazine, the U.S. edition and I was just amazed at its layout and presentation. It was however not very different from the online version so that was somewhat of an anti-climax. However, since I'd been ignoring the S.A.edition for November I finally decided to make a purchase this morning, and, a serendipitous find befell me. Inside the plastic wrapper of the magazine was a pair of sunglasses. And to my delight,Wayfarers. I was very excited because I've always been intrigued by them and also wondered how I'd look in a pair. However in this case of sartorial history relived I have to pay respect to the originator of Wayfarers in my lineage, my father.

Wayfarers are a design by Ray-Ban from 1952, a break away design from the conventional metal frame that was a staple in earlier years. Over the years the Wayfarers popularity have risen and fallen however they have never lost their appeal and in recent years have been revived by Ray-Ban in huge marketing campaigns plugged by celebrities to further push the product.

I must say it is a good marketing ploy by GQ to include these no-name brand Wayfarers as a way to boost sales. For me they came at the right time because I sure do look good in them. And since I'm given to excess I might just buy another copy just so I have two pairs, one for the car and another in my wardrobe.

PG: Man to man, generation to genration.

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