Friday, December 18, 2009

Threads Inexpensive - Relaxed dress code in the workplace

Due to the heat in Durban being unbearable senior management at my workplace has no choice but to relax the dress code for the bulk of December and January. Yes, it's so hot in Durban it feels like the sun is leaning on you. I am certainly not going to be in 32 degree heat in jeans, chinos, cargo pants, etc. I am going to execute stylishly, in, above the knee shorts, a candy stripe shirt unbuttoned a few times and some car shoes. What makes it worse is that the air conditioning isn't working due to a water shortage in the area. I just don't understand how a visibly affluent suburb such as Mount Edgecombe and its surrounds runs out of its water supply. I am incredulous.

Not only is today's look simple it is also incredibly inexpensive. My shorts were once a pair of pin stripe pants I had made into shorts, the shirt is by Dockers, the car shoes are by Pringle purchased for a mere R150.

This is a style lesson wel learnt though especially in terms of the corporate clothing I am going to purchase for and next year, that it must be compliant with the season. That means the fabric, colours and tones must resonate and reflect the season I am in.

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