Friday, December 18, 2009


For those of you who don't know, uMahlekehlathini is a isiZulu term for a man who is heavily bearded. Someone with a lot of facial hair. The aforementioned look has formed part of my appearance for the past two years. Shaving, trimming, lining, etc, just became too much of a job for me to maintain. Therefore what started as an experiment in  December 2007 became a signature look for me for a period of time. However since the beginning of December this year I felt like a less 'congested' face and I decided to opt for...

I felt like a drastic change, which I must say feels good, at the present time. However I just don't feel right with this clean shaven look. I won't lie, I received a lot compliments ranging from "you shaved", "you look good" and "you look so young, it suits you." I can safely report right about now that I'm bringing the beard back. In full effect. The clean shaven experiment has been terminated.

Therefore while thinking about this post, I thought it vital to share on some beard growing tips, maintenance and care.

For me, I just let the beard go. I have some pretty good growth so I just let it grow all over my face. I don't shave or trim it. By letting it go I am allowing for growth.

By letting it all grow I am allowing for the hair to come out in all places possible, thus allowing for even growth. Even though my beard grows thick it isn't necessarily even through out therefore I only shape it when I know it has fully grown. And even though I may have spotty areas, such as my cheeks, when I finally decide to trim the beard a little there is that evenness through out.

At this point, when it starts growing after a shave, I still don't have a remedy for the itching. So if you have a suggestion then please do share.

Now that I have decided to bring the beard back for another extended period of time, I know a few people are goign to be happy with it. "Sakhi, utata is going to be recognisable once again."

For my basketballers, I couldn't go for the weekend and not share this descriptive video with you all.
I tell you, I have never laughed so much at a dunks video. Damon Jones's description of Lebron James's dunk on him is hilarious. I fell out. Check it out.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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