Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Chambray: How can I describe it..? Light-weight, cotton shirt with a shiny finish. This is the perfect shirt for summer. My experience with Chambray has mostly been in the colour blue. In terms of the chronological history of the fabric I'm curious to know which came first, denim or chambray because they are so similar they're at times indistinguishable. Chambray, according to wikipedia dates back to the 14th century when it was first used in France.

This is the only chambray shirt, by Dockers, I have which I hardly ever wear. I chose it especially because it is a contrast colour, with white cuffs and collar. It's low price goes without saying also.

No doubt, I dress it up and down. When I do dress it down I opt for a light blue pair of jeans, taupe driving mocassins and a thick dusty-beige belt. When it's time to go up with it, I opt for a pair of dress pants or chinos and a jacket or cardigan. I just keep it simple because the shirt is a little cantankerous.

I think the same rule that applies to denim shirts and coordination applies to chambray as well. One should never match the colour of the chambray shirt with their jeans or pants. The colours should always be different in a complementary way.

As a parting shot I give you two examples of chambray dressed up and down. My preference is the dressed up one, simply because I'm still not confident about my bright blue driving mocs.

Terry Crews in dark blue chambray


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