Monday, January 11, 2010

The checked shirt - problem solved

A checked shirt has always been a problem for me because of its complements and tie combinations. For me checked shirts can only be combined and coordinated with powerful, solid ties. This is the case, however this can be expanded upon. Yesterday I saw a gentleman immaculately dressed and coordinated in khaki pants, a checked baby blue shirt and a solid pink tie. The tie, solid but in a very soft shade of pink that rested beautifully on and with the shirt.

I have a baby blue shirt checked in pink, white and yellow. I have had this shirt for almost 5 years and have never worn it with a tie. Simply because I never knew what kind of tie would complement it and whether any other patterns would work with an already heavily checked shirt. Well as mentioned in the opening paragraph a particular gentleman solved my dilemma for me. Showing me that not only is a solid tie one's first choice but it works wonderfully if it contrasts as well. I will, in future, model the shirt I am talking about especially with certain tie and suit combinations. I already have a summer and winter combination going on in my head.

I'm incredulous somewhat at the fact that a paisley tie can be coordinated with a window pane check shirt. How about pink and burgundy check with a burgundy and pink polka dot tie. The best combination for me has to be this last one. The coordination is very complimentary and the boldness of the gold dots on the tie form a sharp contrast with the small check of the shirt. Gold cuff links included.

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