Monday, January 4, 2010

Lessons from my father

As an avid style learner and enthusiast it is incumbent on me to read and learn as much about men's style and dress as much as possible, The desired end result of such information intake is of course exceptional practical execution of the knowledge gained during the reading and learning process. One thing I've come to learn is that style, dress, fashion are ever changing, evolving and perpetually developing, therefore a firm grasp of the theory and complementary practicality of it all is vital.

Lessons from my father, you may ask. Well I was home last week and was looking for two specific books which my father used in the 90s as guides to style and dress. Books that helped him a lot but seemed a bit odd or too technical for my high schooling self. Needless to say I found the said books and instantly started reading and studying the wealth of knowledge in them. This thing called men's style is an interminable journey of study and at times I get overwhelmed thinking "what did I get myself into". However I take heart and courage in the fact that I'm not doing this for myself only but for a larger audience that could definitely use the knowledge and help. Below are the two books I am referring to, Colour for Men by Carole Jackson and Presenting Yourself by Mary Spillane.

In terms of publishing the books are quite dated however the information in them is practical and definitely not outdated. Very useful and relevant and I am going to apply them appropriately. There is also a scientific approach to men's dress and the need to be familiar with one's measurements, complementary shades, different fabrics, styles, etc.

There are updated versions and more comtemporary reads and the most popular one  I have come to hear about is Esquire magazine's Big Black Book. For any man that wishes to start dressing well and presentably a guide of this manner is absolutely essential.

So, go ahead, get to reading and learning.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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