Monday, January 25, 2010

Like you've never seen him before

Honestly, this post was going to be about Kobe Bryant and his questionable choice in formal attire at times, but after looking over these pictures again I decided to change my tone. I will however review his sartorial choices after this GQ mag spread. That being said I happened to be at CNA this past Saturday looking for the latest American edition of GQ mag with Rihanna on the cover and after fruitlessly searching for it I happened upon on the November edition headlining the men of the year. I got the one with President Obama on the cover. I wasn't however ready for what GQ had done with Kobe. Now I'm ready and I sure hope you are too.

This is an absolute must have for me this winter. A plaid tie.

One thing I appreciate about Kobe's style of suits is the single breast with the deep V and long lapels.

The hat, is not the centre piece of this outfit however it adds a touch of jazzy class. I could easily substitute that ball with a musical instrument.

A dash of pink to break that shade of monotonous blue.

The one thing I hope this has done, for Kobe, is heighten is awareness for choice and taste in formal wear. Thank you GQ.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


KJtheGreat said...

it is my firm belief that most professional athletes cannot dress. they are rich and they can play a sport but that does not translate into "style" at all with Kobe being on of the biggest offenders. i swear, if i could get on as a fashion consultant to just pro athletes i'd never have to want for anything.

Mxolisi said...

Hey Kj, that's why I said I would be looking out for his choices post the GQ spread, just to see if he's learnt anything. Good point though man.

Thanks for reading.

Torrey said...

This is a great look for Kobe. I hope this attire will not end at the photo shoot but make it's way into his regular style sense.