Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Pants need fixing

A proper fitting pair of dress pants is the ultimate complement to a man's outfit. Therefore I have made it my mission to fix all my dress pants that need altering, especially the length. The one's I'm wearing right now, after a visit to the tailor still need work, I guess from someone more qualified. What I'm aiming for is, the just above the shoe fit. I don't think I can do the ankle baring fit, that requires a lot of chutzpah to pull off.

This light grey pair of dress pants needs work on the length and waist. The waist is slightly loose and the length makes for endless breaks which I have grown to dislike because they give that oversize, dragging on the floor feeling.

This terra-cotta pair needs the same work as the grey pair as well as a little altering on the thigh because it is a little tight which hinders movement.

This beige pair with feint baby blue stripes needs the length to be reduced. I'm sure you'll agree that the break is real bad and would most certainly drag if it was worn with a pair of mocassins or loafers.

The Ball Busters

This is the same pair of grey pants as those featured above although I bought these at Woolworths. I call these the ball busters because they are so tight around the crotch and buttocks that any attempt at fitting them results in my voice changing to a higher pitch. Ever since I got them back from my tailor I never wore them because they just didn't fit due to the poor quality of work rendered.

Not only does the waist need opening but, I plan on making this a pair of shorts. Above the knee, just how I like them.

Workmanship so bad I wasn't going to tolerate the perpetual wedgie.

In the past I have spoken about the need for tailoring and made to measure clothes and their importance to gentlemen in Durban. I also stated that I would be visiting two different tailoring businesses to get some work done on these pieces, and then, from the final result decide which tailor I am going to stick with. In the next couple of days I am going to visit Soli Omar Tailors and New York Tailors and experience for myself what their hype is all about.

The desired outcome of this exercise is this:

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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