Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Stab vest - The foolishness ensues

Come on now...!!! So visitors, fans and tourists coming to South Africa for the FIFA 2010 soccer world cup need to protect themselves by getting stab vests...? Wow, the prejudice, the bias, the glaring and overt propaganda, the preconceived judgement and self-indulgent opinion are nothing short of detrimental. This product plugged by a British company Protektorvest based on an irrational attitude of hostility and apprehension against South Africa cannot be allowed to continue. This'll only spoil what seems to be a well organised event and cause unnecessary fear and panic. A stab vest from Britain, the irony. The company said it could also customise the vests with team or national emblems. Talk about practising safe patriotism.

This is nothing but a ploy to make money off fans visiting our country using scare tactics. We have hosted many sporting events over the years without incident therefore our organisation and security cannot now be called into question. We are capable of ensuring our visitors safety and security. Recent sporting events I can quote are the Test cricket series between SA and England which has been going on for the duration of December and January. Another the rugby test series with the British and Irish Lions was also without incident except for english fans drinking all bars and pubs in Durban dry. Warm beer, milk stout and all.

Spokesperson for the Local Organising Committee, Rich Mkhondo says "We want to encourage fans travelling to South Africa to come here without any fear. They do not need any stab vests."

This is so fashion foolish I don't know where to begin. Where and how would you wear it..?

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Anonymous said...

WOOOOOOOW! is Bill O'Reilly a board member of this company?

MN SL&E said...

Sean Hanitty. Colmes, O'Reilly they probably all are.

Blogger said...

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