Saturday, January 30, 2010

Stylish trash bags...?

I think not. This is plain and simply over the top. Louis Vuitton trash bags have made their way to somewhere. Maybe some celebrities house. This is not an extension of one's style but rather their personality which reflects  poor choice and profligate.

This is the fashion foolish item of the day.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Jonathan said...

That is fantastic.

San Diego Bed and Breakfast said...

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Tzoules said...

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Paul Walters said...

Wow. I have no idea how to even react to this. I think I definitely agree. However, these will be even easier than a purse for China to make counterfeits of. It seems like LV is just cheapening their brand image more and more each day.

Glen Antoine Palmer said...

Wow. Buy a fashionable item (trash bag) just to throw it out? Umm...

WinstonC said...


I utterly agree. It's just vulgar and foolish.

However, on closer inspection, it's clearly a fake. Where the interlocking LVs should be there is an 'A' with an interlocking italic 'O'.

The question is, which is worse? A genuine, Louis Vuitton binliner which would probably cost $5 or a fake Louis Vuitton binliner that might be more like $0.50?

Considering the profligacy factor, I imagine it would be the former. Personally, though I am no fan of Vuitton and actually consider that their increasing vulgarity and ubiquity will be their downfall, I don't think they would stoop to this.