Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Top Ten needs for 2010

After having reveiwed my wardrobe I have come to the conclusion that I have to add some essential pieces to it. Pieces that will add versatility and flexibility to a somewhat rigid wardrobe. I really look forward to adding these pieces one at a time and also witnessing their practicality. Some are absolutely die-hard needs and others mere frivolous indulgences that in any case will complete my list.

My top ten is as follows:

The choice between black and navy was easily settled since I already have a black chalk stripe suit. Nothing intrigues and satisfies my sartorial curiosity like a double breasted suit. It's classic cut and lines, elegance, it's chic and very showy. I'm mulling a tailor recommended to me by my brother but, just to be on the safe side I may just stay with Soli Omar or New York tailors. This suit is a must-have for me in 2010.

An attache briefcase. You all would shake your heads at the sight of the bag I use to work every day. Given to me by my wife, to whom it was a freebie, from her father, who got it at his previous job. No, a Telkom satchel is just not a good look. I aim to play it safe at first with a simple black or navy leather attache. Then build on that.

The quintessential white sneaker for any style conscious man. In my younger days I spurned these sneakers because they didn't fit into the hip hop mould that I had grown into. Now that I'm older I aim to make even more of a statement with these sneakers. I love their versatility and their aesthetics appeal to me very much.

Converse All Star lo's. A little frivolous but I need them in both black and white. I have big plans in terms of coordination and combinations, and the only way to achieve those plans is by getting both.

Knit Ties, not in these specific colours however a range of them would be most welcome and would add a touch of difference to my already expanding tie collection.

Shawl collar cardigan. This is going to require some real searching and digging on the streets. I need it in thick lambs wool. It's the only way I plan to nestle myself into those cold wintry nights.

Bass tasseled loafers have been a favourite of mine for a long time and it's about time I got me a pair. Although I have seen a pair by Johnston and Murphy which interested me the pair by Bass best represent the divide between formal and casual. I just love how this shoe can be dressed down and its versatility is what's most compelling.

I've loved a pea coat for the longest time but never really had the need to buy one. I am now a man given to style and therefore it's only right that I traverse these Durban streets in a camel pea coat. Very eye catching, built to last, durable and most importantly, I know a spot where I will get one at a reasonable if not dirt cheap price.

I always thought that the perfect complement to a pair of shorts was a pair of sneakers or driving mocassins, enter the boat shoe. This is the perfect and complete complement to a pair of shorts. Especially in the brown above. Not forgetting that boat shoes can be also be dressed up but to really show them off I'm going to do so in  my above the knee or mid thigh shorts. The Indian quarter in town is the perfect place to find a good quality pair by Dakota or Sebago.

I do have a light grey suit but it's not up to standard. So not up to standard that I don't even wear the jacket anymore only the pants get playing time. I've decided that I will have a light grey 3 piece suit made to measure. It can be worn as a 3 or 2 piece. The waist coat and jacket can be worn with jeans, the combinations are endless. If all goes according to plan I will have it made in time for spring. 2010 however will not come to a close without having had one made.

So there you have it. I have a checklist and every time I purchase one of these items I will strike it off the list because part of the goal will have been accomplished.Until then wish me luck and I sure hope not to break the bank.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Glen Antoine Palmer said...

I have been wanted some knit ties for the longest, but I have not pulled the trigger yet. Maybe this Spring. I have slowly built my wardrobe over the course of many years. Boat shoes one year. Tassel loafers the next. I tend to buy things systematically.

Anonymous said...

not to fond of the tassels, honestly. much to YALE-HARVARDish for my Southern taste. but Weejuns in general get the nod from me.