Monday, February 22, 2010

Can a shirt's sleeves be elongated...?

That, is a resounding YES...!!! No doubt. I caught wind of this question on another men's style blog I frequent. The concerned blogger's response to this question was that this could not be done because it meant that fabric would be added at the shoulder which would make for shoddy workmanship. I, beg to differ though.

This is a shirt I took to my father's tailor last year. It's a white, french cuff shirt, which is my favourite. For some odd reason my body appeared to have been doing its own thing late last year. Shirts, which were my size, would fit me right on the neck, but the sleeves would come up short. Much to my ire. When I asked the tailor if this could be fixed he also gave me a resounding 'yes'. The shirt would not be fixed from the shoulder but from the cuff. All he told me to do was to go and get some matching fabric and leave the rest to him.

Upon closer inspection one can see the distinction between the two white fabrics at the cuff. The extra fabric is the one that seems a little transparent. The stitching can also be seen. It was done very professionally, like how a real tailor ought to do.

I've gone from no cuff at all to showing more than enough cuff. It looks great might I add. I hope someone out there has been answered.

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Paul Walters said...

I saw the other blogger's post as well, and I thought immediately of what you've shown above. I didn't want to call him out as being wrong (I've emailed him before and never gotten a response anyway), but I have removed him from my blog list as his know-it-all approach to something he doesn't know it all about was beginning to bore me. Thanks for your post!

MN SL&E said...

You're welcome Paul. Thanks for reading man. Really appreciate it.