Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Inspiration: Plan your work, work your plan

The minute I touched down at 05:30am on Thursday 4th February, style, hit me and gave me a rude awakening. What appeared to be a luggage porter at Park station, visibly drunk or still sleepy, this guy was stylishly dressed. Even though he also seemed a little like a vagrant, he was abstractly stylish in his get-up. Guy was wearing a black leather jacket, with macthing leather pants.

I was just in awe at his presentation. It made me wonder where he could've gotten the jacket but also made me question whether he knew that his presentation was stylish or whether it was by default that he would pair a leather jacket with leather pants.

It got very interesting and the look was completed yesterday when I saw him again wearing the same jacket and pants but, this time finished off with a full leather trench coat and a black barber's basin shape hat. At that juncture I remarked to my brother that he looked like The Undertaker from WWE.

Only in Joburg. Yes, only in Joburg, would one find a stylishly dressed vagrant. This was my first taste of Joburg style and I'm glad it came in this manner.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.