Friday, February 19, 2010

Stylish PG

I feel so clever today, with a sense of accomplishment. Have you ever felt like things were coming together but for some reason you were unable to connect all the dots...? Well I have been trying to connect those dots since last year. However the first dot was connected in 2006. This week, on Monday in fact, I finally connected all the dots.


This is a copy of Vibe Magazine which I bought in 2006. There is a feature in the magazine in which they would show pictures of stylishly dressed individuals from the streets of New York. In this particular edition there was a young man, Keino Benjamin, who was featured. In it he described his style as a mix of bow ties and cuff links, however the striking thing about him was that his style looked vintage. From seeing this one picture of him, that one time, I knew I wanted to see more of his style because it came across as different but releavant and practical.

Last year, while browsing The Sartorialist, I came across this image of this gentleman:

His whole style and presentation just captivated me. Flannel pants, chocolate brown wingtips, baby blue gingham shirt, get what I'm trying to say. From this one picture I just knew that this man knows what style is, what works for him and how to apply it, consistently. What I didn't know was that this was the same individual I had seen in Vibe magazine almost 3 prior. I don't know but everytime I looked at the above picture I always asked myself how one individual could come up with such a brilliant combination and make it pleasing to the eye. At the same time I just knew his name as K. Benjamin as referenced on The Sartorialist. After much mulling and pondering, of late especially, I decide to Google Keino Benjamin. For some reason I have never fogotten his name from Vibe magazine. So going on that hunch I got my answer.

This is one and the same person, from Vibe to The Sartorialist. Here's more pictures of his unconventional, quirky style.

Pocket square always chunky and colourful. His lapel always adorned with some sort of decorative pin AND, he wears the heck out of a gingham shirt and knit tie.

Today, I finally connected all the dots.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Paul Walters said...

I appreciate your sense of investigative journalism! Thanks for finding out more about him.

MN SL&E said...

Thanks Paul. I just had to find out more. Style couldn't be ignored.

Thanks for reading too.

Tbally (SKB) said...

Style recognize style............Keino B 2 tha world.

Anonymous said...

Good job on researching on the best dressed man in NYC.