Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Threads Inexpensive

I like today's combination. It was definitely all about the terra-cotta dress pants and, how the rest of the other pieces would be incorporated. I think I started thinking about it way early in the morning, just to ensure that everything was together and clean. If you remember, last month I posted about dress pants that needed alterations and how I'd work on the length, waist and taper. Well I'm happy to say that all 9 pairs of pants I took to Soli Omar Tailors came back fitting proper. From the length, to the waist to the taper, they did it all.

I decided to go with this old white Queenspark shirt. It's been a staple in my wardrobe and after getting it restored to its former white I have been wearing it a lot more lately. I love the sharp contrast of the two.

I was in a little bit of dilemma as far as the tie was concerned. I just wasn't sure which one to go with. The navy pin dot knit or the black and green striped one. I think once I threw the socks in, green was the winning colour and that propelled me to ditch the knit.

Last but not least, my tan cap toes.

The final outcome:

Aint nothing as good as a good fitting pair of dress pants.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Glen Antoine Palmer said...

Nice. I am missing some brown cap toes in my closet. I have some brogues, but not a straight cap toe. Great spread on the dress shirt collar too.

MN SL&E said...

Thank you, Glen.

gant trousers said...

Very classy look.