Wednesday, February 17, 2010

To the new...Attache upgrade

As stated in Tuesday's post, today I am posting pics of my new attache I am using mainly for work purposes. This bag cost a R115. It's versatile, I love the deep chocolate brown shade and, it is practical and able to carry all things that are related to my line of work. It's got slots for a cell phone, pens, loose change and a key for locking it.

A few attache/ brief-case rules I have come to learn:

* If you are a travelling exec or take work home on the regular then you need one with ample storage space.
* Don't overload it just for effect or because you are too disorganised to file things away. Be smart.
* To avoid unnecessary strain on your body, particularly the shoulder(s) and arms, have two different cases: one large case for weekend work and travel, and a slimmer attache or brief-case for daily use.
* Always check for comfortability when it comes to handles. Some less well-padded cases can cut into your hand.
* And finally, since attaches come in all forms of plastic, canvas, metal and fabric the only acceptable material to complement a man is leather, in a rich dark colour like black, mahogany, burgundy, charcoal or navy.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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