Thursday, March 4, 2010

Old school brothers had style

When one walks into the foyer area of Loftus Versveld stadium in Pretoria as you turn right going towards the elevator, that goes to the Presidential suite, right before the staircase you are greeted by a picture of 5 old school players from Kaizer Chiefs. No, not the indie/ pop group from Britain. Kaizer Chiefs is a South African football team. Established in 1970 the team is reputed to be the most successful team in S.A. football.

With a camera phone I was able to catch this shot:

This is how professional athletes from the old school used to dressed. Show up to work in a presentable and stylish manner. I couldn't stop gazing at the picture, especially because the brothers were so impeccably dressed. The older generation definitely did something right. In this day and age it is an arduous and daunting task to get professional athletes to dress presentably. Years ago I used to be an avid reader of SLAM magazine. The magazine had a feature in which they would profile players from yesteryear. Anywhere from the early 80s to the 60s. Besides the basketball shots there would always be a shot of the featured baller dressed formally before or after a game. A shot I remember vividly is of Willis Reed, famed captain of the 1970 NBA champion New York Knicks walking, with his back to the camera, down a corridor wearing dark slacks, a 3/4 long coat and a hat. Although minimalistic in view, one could tell that the man was stylishly dressed.

So today this is an ode to the old school. The guys who paved the way for the likes of Lucas RadebeMark FishBenni McCarthy, Aaron Mokoena, Steven Pienaar, and a host of others.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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