Wednesday, March 3, 2010

PG in Rosebank

I have been waiting for these pictures for quite some time. When I was in Joburg 3 weeks ago my feet were fresh in burgendy cap toes by Woolworths. This is a pair of shoes I have had since last year. I rarely wear it but since I was in Jobrug I knew it would come in handy and useful somewhere.

There is a strip of walk way between The Zone in Rosebank and Rosebank mall, which is sandwiched by restaurants and men's and women's clothing stores. In this very strip I discovered Mr. Walter Khoza, who mans and operates One Time Shoe Shine. This is a shoe shining business he started in 2006 and due to low patronage he closed it down for a while. During his brief hiatus he was looking for a sponsor. He is now up and running again and although he still isn't making much I liked his dedication to his work and his expertise.

I'm glad I never polished this shoe. If I had I'd be sitting with an ox-blood pair of shoes. Upon inspecting the shoe, which entailed rubbing and prodding the leather, he found that the top of the shoe had cracks (lack of shoe trees). I proceeded to tell him that I hadn't polished the shoes ever since I had bought them because burgundy polish was hard to find. This is when he applied his expert advise and lectured me. Wax polish would cause the leather on the shoes to further crack and damage the shoe. Not only that, but the colour burgundy in wax polish would totally evaporate the hints of black in the shoe thus leaving the shoe looking ox-blood rather burgundy.

He further advised me to get a liquid polish which would work better on the shoes and soothe and burnish the leather.

This whole exercise and its cost. A mere R15. I was delighted at the price. I surmised that it would cost more than that and was totally taken aback at the price.

The finished product:

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Dennis Cahlo said...

DAMN. I love those shoes!!! Very CG in North By Northwest.


Paul Walters said...

Definitely a lovely shoe. Nice.