Wednesday, March 24, 2010

This shirt, has a name

Sometimes it is always best to stick with what you know. What works best with you and on you. It's best to stay away from the stuff that comes across as trying too hard and distinctive in the wrong way. This shirt whatever it is called is one such item I will stay away from for the longest time.

You have a short neck or none at all, yet you wear a shirt with such a high collar that one wonders whether you're in a neck brace. I don't like this shirt one bit. Not only does it look irregular but, a tie is totally out of the question. There are many variations of it, some come with a button on the collar base, some come with two or more buttons on the collar front band and, they seem to be so heavily startched on the collar base that it seems as if they're perpetually erect.

We live in a society where perfection in all respects is strived for but when that 'perfection' borders on a faux pas of sorts then something has to be wrong. This shirt and look has Tom Ford wannabe written all over it.

My recommendation: Buy a regular quality shirt and, invest in some collar stays.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


foolio_iglesias said...

I mostly see these shirts on males who care enough to spend some change on such a shirt ,but really have no clue.My friend was wearing a similar shirt,and when I questioned him about it,he proudly informed me that he paid close to $100 for it.I hadn't the heart to say anything after noticing the cheap plastic buttons and size tag reading 'XXL'.....

Joy-Mari Cloete said...

OMW, reading the bit about the neck brace gave me a good old chuckle.

Great blog, PG!