Thursday, March 11, 2010

Threads Inexpensive

A little experimentation with colour is never a bad thing. It's only right that the PG takes the time to go through his colour scheme to deduce which colours work best on and with him. Today's post is inspired by my one and only pair of terra-cotta dress pants. I just feel like this pair of pants allows me to really play around with colours and see what works with it. Not only that but I get to play with colours of different kinds of clothing. The foundation however remains the pants.

I guess inspiration was all round today. I decided to venture outside of my place and head on to my wife's workplace. A school for special kids. Their music class is where I decided to pose for the pictures. In and amongst my wife's work implements.

My latest acquisition is this red gingham shirt. Purchased from Woolworths for R199. A pure silk green striped tie also from Woolworths purchased for R140. The most I have ever paid for a tie. When it comes to a bright coloured shirt one's tie ought to be brighter or take on a different form. In this case I chose to temper the bold and bright check of the gingham with the green striped tie. It's a combination that works. I used to be reluctant to try different patterns with a shirt and tie. I'd always opt for the safer option of a solid tie with a patterned shirt. That's all in the past now. Another thing I discovered while experimenting a few weeks ago is that three solids are correct and even appropriate however they make a very bland combination.

A closer look. The thought going through my mind at that point: "I wish I could play a musical instrument."

The waistcoat definitely needs a little tweaking. The lesson I have learnt is that a waistcoat has to fit snug. The baggy and bulgy effect created by an ill-fitting waistcoat will only be exacerbated when a jacket is thrown on top.

Behind me, to my left..? Yes, I upgraded my attache game once again. I had to get another case in tan.

The heat in Durban is still crazy. We're going on the end of summer but the mercury seems to be still rising. I think what I wanted most was to wear a dark navy jacket, single breast with gold buttons as oppposed to the waist coat. However it came out all good. This is not the last you see of experiementation with colour, there's more to come.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Made To Measure, NY said...

You NAILED it, my man. Excellent work!!!

MN SL&E said...

Thanks D. The waistcoat needs just a minor tweak though.

Paul Walters said...

I love the red gingham. Very fitting.

MN SL&E said...

Paul, Like you wouldn't believe. I just love the fit myself. All that excess bagage has been eliminated. Thinking of taking some of my shirts to get them fitted slim.

Jonathan said...

Nice! Man, Gingham is pretty fantastic. And I love the slightly richer than average color of those chinos. Terracotta is right.