Friday, March 5, 2010

'Trash' bag

This was totally out of left field. Someone actually mailing me to plug their product. It was very much unexpected. Very flattering at the same time. Anyway this is about an online company called Travelteq for travellers which is as the name suggests all about travel and supplying the traveller with products travel related. I think I have an affinity for colour, bright colour too. Which is why I fell in love with this bag the instant I laid my eyes on it.

Yep, that's the beautiful, stylish, and unique laptop bag called the 'Trash'. There is just something about the colour tan and its other complements such as yellow. I tell you I can already see myself lugging this bag around. It looks so compact and portable. You just have to love it. I think its aesthetic and allure is the fact that it doesn't have much going on. It's minimalictic in all regards. I just love it.

Seeing that I've upgraded my attache case game drastically by purchasing another attache in light brown/ tan. This black 'trash' would fit in perfectly in my bag arsenal, since black is the only colour missing.

Beautiful and bright nylon lining, which is water resistant by the way. I wonder what colour lining that black 'trash' has.

Travelteq really came out on this one. I would've called that orange or burnt orange but according to them this is red. The colour combinations are really interesting.

There are so many pros to this bag:

Two zipper compartments as well as compartments for a phone, sunglasses, tickets, laptop, cigar tube or pen, business cards and a transport band for a trolley case. Not forgetting a big zipper compartment and two other smaller compartments.

The only con, it costs almost a whopping R4000/ 395Euros/ 539$. I definitely cannot afford this bag just yet but as a sample freebie Travelteq can hurl it my way anytime.

Gentlemen I think it's time you upgraded your laptop bag game especially because this is not your conventional looking laptop bag. Nondescript doesn't get any better than this.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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KJtheGreat said...

NICE! And thank you for putting the US dollar amount too! That really puts things into perspective. I think it's a lovely bag too but alas, it's too rich for my blood right now.