Sunday, March 28, 2010

You be the judge

There is still no abate to the overcast weather. It is also slightly chilly with a light breeze, and, you know what..? I'm not complaining. My sartorial education and senses were somewhat stunted by the summer heat. Therefore getting up this morning, preparing myself and heading off to church was not a difficult task at all. You know when I put an outfit together I always think of other options and alternatives, i.e. jacket or a waistcoat, the type of fabric, etc. This morning was no different.

In terms of the colour scheme one would say this is an outfit better suited for an evening out, however, I think the grey dress pants and grey candy stripe shirt negate that idea.

Going back to options and alternatives, they definitely lingered. I thought I could go with a velvet waistcoat because of the conspicuously dormant heat and humidity. I decided to go with this black linen jacket, for the obvious reason of it being light weight and not a conductor of heat. A black velvet jacket was also out of the question because of its weight and me not wanting to look like Braylon Edwards. I also wanted to go with burgundy shoes since the pants have beautiful hints of burgundy but I decided that these black mocassins by Pringle would be the real deal.

The final outcome. I rarely feel complete without a pocket square therefore this crisp white one completed the look. In another post, on another day I will share and give you a close up of the pants I am wearing. They have a perculiar shape, colour and fit but I love them so much I I said on another day.

Finishing touches inspired by well dressed.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Jonathan said...

I'm a big fan of this one. Usually I don't like contrast collar shirts, but that one, plus the pocket square, make a tie seem totally unnecessary. Great look.

I'm curious, though, are you rocking double cufflinks? Do they make french cuff shirts with two holes? Does that mean that you have to buy two full sets of cufflinks for that shirt?


MN SL&E said...


I have never heard of double cuff links. This pair just seems big or long because of their shape. It is one set of cuff links. That's all.

Thanks for the props too.

Jonathan said...

Ahh, got it. Thanks!