Thursday, April 29, 2010

Five ways to get the right attention in a bank

This post is inspired by my experience at the bank today. It is amazing how a little attention to personal manner and detail go a long way. You're well received, you get the right looks from people, and, you're taken seriously.

Here is my top 5:

1. Dress presentably. This entails, hygiene and grooming as well. It goes an amazingly long way, when you're dressed presentably, smell good, hair in place. You're bound to grab the attention of all the bank's employees and they'll be glad to assist.

2. Be organised. Carry an attache or briefcase to carry all the paperwork you will need at the bank.

3. Walk confidently, chin up, confident stride and movements.When seated observe your posture, you might be passed up simply because you are slouched in one of their comfortable couches. I think this is most important when even drawing money from an ATM. If you look confident then no one is going to want to mess with you or your money.

4. Know your story. As much as you're there on your own business know what it's about. Avoid other selling points from sales people, otherwise you might sign up for something you didn't even come for. I was there for a bank statement and that's all I needed. Offers to sign up for a credit card were politely declined and I was out of there in max 10 minutes.

5. Smile. Greet. Maintain eye contact. Speak clearly. Keep your cool. Express gratitude. Call again.

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