Thursday, April 1, 2010

Off to the tailor

As intimated in this post previously, today I finally took the grey suit, I bought in Johannesburg back in early February, to the tailor. Soli Omar Tailors'. I love their work and so far they've been doing a splendid job. It's no suprise then that this morning I headed back to them, with the suit in tow, to discuss the work I needed done on it. It was quite a long consultation simply because I needed to make sure that all my needs are met.

I think I woke up this morning with the intent to dress smart simply because I was headed to the tailor and the fact that  I wanted to make the right impression. That, I dress well, in the right manner, complemented by the right manners. To some extents, I'm a sucker for decorum.

Style rule: Wow, I can't get over how good a double breasted jacket looks buttoned. It's a rule I've straddled because at times I feel constricted, however the buttoned up look is all that. I'm sure you'll agree. There's a touch of elegance to those gold buttons. I say that because whenever I took the jacket off the buttons would make this sound like loose coins. I'd have this confused look on my face like 'I know I didn't put any coins in my pockets'.

I think I'll post next week, some time, about my experience at the tailor's but when I walked in I was about my business and the store clerk greeted me with a "good morning sir, how may I help you"...

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Paul Walters said...

The double-breasted navy blazer looks great on you! Nice choice.

MN SL&E said...

Thanks Paul.

What's with the long breaks between posting though...?

Dennis Cahlo said...

You look sharp as hell, man. Love that double breasted on you. Navy is definitely your color.