Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Patch Pocket Serendipity

I have always wondered how and why the term patch pocket exists. And after having posed this question to a fellow blogger, maybe two months ago, I still didn't feel satisfied with his answer. My question: Why is this particular jacket called a patch pocket jacket..? Today I got my answer, self answered, serendipitously. While browsing an interesting men's style and custom clothing blog I came across the said patch pocket jacket.

This jacket is called a patch pocket jacket because the whole pocket is sown and visible on the outer side of the jacket. As if it has been patched on. Think about when you apply a sticky plaster/ band aid to a cut. In essence you're patching the cut. The same way with a patch pocket jacket. Patch pockets are almost always done on the side and breast pocket. Just to give it that uniform look. What I have seen, which is interesting, is a  ticket pocket that is patch. Sounds incongruent but it does work and can be pulled off.

Flap pockets with the breast pocket as patch.

A patch ticket pocket.

Patch pocket in action. Notice the English hunting collar.

My very own grey flannel patch pocket jacket.

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ceser john said...

I always have a pocketsquare handkerchief on hand.

Never leave home without it.

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