Monday, May 31, 2010

Style, your own interpretation

For a while now I have been browsing, reading and absorbing bits and pieces of information from different men's style blogs. During this time I have witnesssed how people tend to make negative comments about another person's style choices, which to me doesn't really make sense especially when such commentary is directed towards a gentleman who is well versed in all things style related. I tend to shy away from acts of criticising another's style choices, especially in an open forum. Constructive criticism...well...that's also another avenue I have chosen not to traverse. I guess what I'm saying is that why can't we just look at something and appreciate it for what it is, or even, which is even way more important, the time and effort that goes into producing it.

I think for the most part I publicly praise and privately, to myself, criticise. There's so much style out there that not one style can be described as the ultimate, the style that tops all styles, so rather appreciate what is before your eyes and if it not to your liking, let it go or just don't say anything at all. The way some style bloggers are admonished, berated and insulted is shocking, especially by those who hide behind internet anonyminity. Constuctive criticism, somewhat, consistently flows from people who have an online identity and who have a meaningful contribution to make. When it comes to style I have come to realise that it is an individual's choice, taste and most importantly, personal expression. Therefore who am I to tell them that they are doing it wrong or don't look good while doing it..?

The lesson for me has been in appreciating and acknowledging those who put in the effort to look, not good, but presentable. It goes a long way too in this fickle world where the outer appearance means much more than what's inside. Another lesson is that, some people pull off certain looks with the utmost of ease, therefore in an instance of idiosyncratic and quirky expression, they are able to make simple what seems to be near impossible to me. They get a pass, not for doing the unthinkable, not for trying the look in public, but, they get a pass for being themselves.

With that said gentlemen I present to you Craig Sager:

All pics taken from Sportsillustrated

This man is truly a style icon, in his own right and, his dress sense has become a true extension of his personality. If you've always been the perfect dresser then be the first to criticise Mr. Sager.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Glen Antoine Palmer said...

I get a kick out of Craig Sager's outfits. He is up there with hockey personality Don Cherry. I mean I used to dress slightly bad...but not this bad. Especially after I got a few years put on my age.

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