Friday, June 4, 2010

The style up there - The Tall man

Style is influential. It rubs off on others. I think it is high time I stopped criticising individuals who don't exactly subscribe and conform to certain style rules because of whatever reason. What I'm saying is this: the tall man is almost not always nattily dressed simply because he has no one to model his style after. I'm only 1.83m tall (6'1"). There are tons of style icons I can look up to and also model my style around simply because I'm a  man of average height. Not much however can be said about the 7 footer. This tribe of giants has been marginalised because the world of style and fashion doesn't cater for them. Sad reality indeed. This means I won't be talking ill about the tall man who is not well dressed because he doesn't have a template to follow. Their biggest challenge also lies in fit and proportion. Maybe if there was a designer out there who dedicated a line to the 'Style up there', there would be more of a choice for men of a tall stature. Just something to showcase tall men and their style. What makes it even more difficult for them is the fact that not much of an attempt is made for them in terms of clothing styles, shoe sizes, etc. They are really neglected. South Africa might be a nation of men of average height but the subjects of today's post are almost always not catered for, and if they are to the bare minimum.

Just like the emergence of the plus size model in women's circles, so the tall man must also make an emergence, assisted by the style conscious.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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