Thursday, July 29, 2010

Chunky Knitwear

Today's post is inspired by the cold, windy and rainy weather outside. That's as far as winter goes in Durban. As much as I would like to sing 'Let it snow' by Boyz II Men, I can't. It would be too much of a misnomer. However this cold weather calls for layers and in our kind of cold, peppered with warmth here and there, a chunky cable knit sweater/ jersey/ pullover/ cardigan, is all a gentleman needs. Whereas in some places in South Africa the brutal cold would warrant a chunky knit to be complemented with an over coat, in Durban chunky is layered with something thin. Like a t-shirt or a shirt underneath.

The important thing to remember about chunky knitwear is that it always falls as the most outer piece. Meaning that it can almost never be worn with something else on top. Unless of course you're in sub zero temperatures. In terms of aesthetics then it wouldn't look good with something else thrown on top. There it is, a seasonal garment that is best suited for mild winters and spring.

Chunky knitwear also takes on many forms and designs and, this has been afforded by the nature of fashion, in that it seeks to incorporate, through change, styles and designs that couldn't be incoroorated before. Below are two illustrations of how certain innovations have been worked into chunky knitwear.

The outer piece tasefully executed.

There's many things going on with this knit and, I love them all. Belted, double breasted, shawl collar. A very unique and refreshing style.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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