Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Father's Day

Father's day came and went, but this year's was different in that a gift was presented to my dad. By a group of people who are very close to him. My father has never been into coats. He has always been the  jacket, sports jacket and sweater type, never a coat. But as he eases into old age his body, in winter, craves the warmth of a 3/4 long coat and the stylish expression it brings.

A 3/4 long, single breasted camel coat. This is what adds to a gentleman's winter wardrobe. It is essential to own one of these, if it suits your style, because it acts both as a buffer against the cold and adds a touch of gentlemanly style to any layered or suited ensemble.

The brand is Durburg. I don't know much about it but its name and origins is definitely a cause for research and a post at a later date. Since this was a gift I will not divulge the price.

Below is an illustration of how a camel coat works with with a suit and tie. Courtesy of GQ


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