Wednesday, July 14, 2010

FIFA World Cup South Africa 2010: Under the radar

The World Cup, as mentioned a few days ago, really took away from my normal routine, so much so that even blogging took a back seat. However this is not to say I wasn't inspired or didn't keep my eyes open for blog worthy stuff. A lot of stuff went under the radar and, in this post I am going to highlight a few I feel are relevant to this blog and its audience. Well....

as much as Africa was represented by one country, Ghana, after the group stages and beyond, alot more can be said about Africa Fashion Week. This event was held from 30 June - 3 July, followed by the Africa Fashion Awards on 5 July. This was an event for African designers far and wide, local and global, to showcase their skills in a Transeasonal theme. Of all the images I have seen from the event, it seems that this was an event to showcase female lines, only. The absence of men's lines was conspicuous. And since this event was hosted by Africa Fashion International the brainchild of Dr. Precious Moloi-Motsepe, it's only right that she did it for women. Oh, there were male designers just that they also focused on female lines. Just think that throughout and amidst this whole testosterone driven and physically laden game called soccer, the women were representing for themselves on the other side of town. This event brought together designers from South Africa, Nigeria, Guinea-Bissau, Uganda, Botswana, Ghana, French Commores, Somalia, Mali, Egypt and Mozambique. A satisfactory representation for our continent. In keeping with the true spirit of globalism, this wasn't only South Africa's but Africa's.

Since I don't know much about women's fashion except for the fact that when they match their clothes it works, I will reserve much comment.

What I like most about these pieces is the fact that they are practical and wearable off the ramp. I appreciate that. The above piece has African culture inscribed all over it.

NBA Draft 2010

The NBA draft seems to be getting weaker and weaker, either that or, I've fallen out the loop when it comes to college basketball. My inclination is more towards the former. Anyway, the NBA draft this year went off to very little fan fare, in my opinion. Their attire however, and not the fans, made the most noise.

All I can say is that for every Ekpe Udoh...

There is a Wesley Johnson.

Tartan pants, lemon and white contrast collar double cuff shirt, red patterned tie and navy blue double breasted blazer, with gold buttons. Way to go Wes. For a number 4 pick I sure hope his game is just as smooth as his gear.

I never paid much attention to this brand of watches when it was really big in my high school years, during the mid 90s. This brand was pervasive but it seemed to be targeted towards white people more. I mean that's the demographic I saw wear it often and always. With all its crazy, zany, colourful and plactic designs. Deep down I don't think I liked Swatch but I appreciated how it captured, captivated and cultivated its niche market. It was really a mass product in the sense of the word and, consumed as such.

On 28 June 2010, the man who was almost single-handedly responsible for the revitalisation of Swatch Group in the early 80s and put it on it's course to long term sustainability passed away. Nicolas Hayek is the brain behind the disposable, cheap to make, stylish and, most of all, appealing to the youth, Swatch watch.

Mr. Hayek also inpired the Mercedes-Benz powered Smart car. The reason why Swatch watches now get more than a second look from me:

Beautiful, modern and sophisticated designs.

Nana Coyote

A South African vocal legend, Nana Coyote passed away on July 6 2010. When I say legend I don't mean that lightly. This man's vocals and music feature vey much in my childhood soundtrack. Together with Ray Phiri they formed Stimela, one of the country's oldest and most popular groups. His voice was distinct, powerful, flavourful, silky, smooth and resonated in any song he featured in. That was Nana Coyote, not afraid to wear his heart on his sleeve and, display and express his emotions in song as well.


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