Wednesday, August 11, 2010

A Beautiful Mind, an extraordinary wardrobe

Women want a man with a beautiful mind, like John Nash/
You only short changing yourself if you only about the cash/

So went a line that I had conjured up, back in the days when I was a rapper. This is more than 8 years ago. I digress. I never thought that A Beautiful Mind meant: a man troubled by paranoid schizophrenia, delusional episodes and a wife who had to endure all this hardship. This film was released in 2001, I, only got to watch it for the first time 3 weeks ago. I can safely say that on my day off those were two hours well spent. From the beginning to the end I was visually arrested, intellectually engaged and, most of all, sartorially intrigued.

I was completely taken by the story and plot. I know that if I had watched this film when it came out I would not have appreciated or noticed the wardrobe. Throughout the whole film the autumn/ winter wardrobe was adventurous and complimentary. In one scene where Nash and Hansen play a board game, in full view of the other class mates, the characters are dressed in warm winter coats: a 3/4 long tweed coat, a toggle coat, an anorak jacket. Nash is in what looks like a double breasted, belted pea coat with a black contrast collar like a chesterfield. I couldn't get enough of the autumn/ winter scenes. Later on in the film an elderly Nash is resplendent in a simple mackintosh coat. Which I interpret to be a reference to what his life had become: simple.

The sartorial highlight of the film for me is the first date that Nash and his then student Alicia go on. A black tie affair. The pinnacle of this scene is where Nash is about to take a photo with some colleagues and Alicia notices that something is amiss with Nash's attire. A crisp white pocket square. The way she retrieves it from her bag, the manner in which she folds it and finally how she places it in his breast pocket. At this point in the film I was really making a connection to how women really want a man with a beautiful mind and the lyric I opened with.

In closing I would like to say that this film was also about Alicia having a beautiful mind. For a woman to stand by a man with what seems to be a mental illness and commit him to a mental institution, knowing that it's for his own good, has to take someone with A Beautiful Mind.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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spoozyliciouzz said...

I am noticing on myself that i sometimes pay more interest on actor´s wardrobe, rather than focusing on the plot or the action going on...

A Beautiful mind is a brilliant movie, let alone a great display of how tiny the line between insanity and genialism is...