Monday, August 2, 2010

In the absence of the real thing, Improvise

Regular readers of this blog, Perfect Gentleman SA, will know that I am a sucker for knit ties. Whether they be in wool or silk, they are my favourite form of neck wear. Today while putting together my clothes for work I opted for my silk knit tie as the complementary neck wear. It is very light weight and therefore flails a lot if not kept in place with a tie bar. One problem though, I have one tie bar, in gold, and it would definitely break the flow of silver and stainless steel metals I was wearing. I haven't had the opportunity to find a place that sells tie bars and cufflinks separately, thus I am stuck with silver/ stainless steel cufflinks but no matching tie bars. I tried buttoning the jacket but the tie still found a way to swing around and lose its position.

What saved the lack of a very important accessory merely a non descript, indispensible, hair clip belonging to my wife. I have always mulled over whether this little piece of metal could work as a tie bar. Today was the day that I finally put the concept into motion. When I first picked it up it was covered in the conventional black coat that most hair clips are manufactured.

Removing the black coat of paint was easy. I tried a little steel wool, which was rather unfriendly to the touch. Next I tried a mini steak knife and, applying soft strokes to the metal proved to be the trick as all the paint came off. A little polish with a cloth in the end rendered my mission complete. The concept finally brought to fruition.

That gold tie bar would've messed everything up in a major way. Especially taking into consideration that all my metals, belt buckle and ring, were in silver and stainless steel. The tie bar had no choice but to follow suit. As for keeping the tie in line and in position, this little piece of metal did just what I expected it to.

Another concept that I have been mulling for a long time is taking a money clip and having it cut into varying lengths and fashioned into tie bars. The one important lesson I have learnt about men's style is that there are those rare pieces which can be  recylced and remixed.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Jonathan said...

Damn, you look baller, man. And I really like the idea of using hair clips as tie clips -- I might steal that one from you.

Mxolisi Ngonelo said...

Thanks Jonathan,

I wouldn't exactly call it baller but, I did try my best to make everything flow. I would not have been happy without the clip. Conversely the missing pocket square was a welcome deviation.

David said...

What a seriously good idea, not only is it original but it's genuinely unique.

That being said, I've been waiting for the day to see someone using a money clip as a tie bar.

Great minds think alike!

Glen Antoine Palmer said...

That is the thinking gent's way to be stylish. That is what I am talking about! Nice outfit too!