Friday, September 3, 2010

Better: The Double Breasted Suit featuring Maxwell

Following Monday's post on how not to wear a double breasted suit, I promised to reprise this subject. This time showing Maxwell doing the double breasted suit in a different and, better way.


When it comes to buttoning on a double breasted suit, all you need button are the middle buttons. With the jigger's help the jacket is held firmly in place. Letting the bottom buttons loose gives you room for movement even in the most awkward positions.

The Pocket Square

This seemingly indispensible item can give a gentleman's look an immediate boost in terms of colour and breaking a monochromatic look. In this instance Maxwell gets points for the pocket square, however, it just adds to the monotony of the colour palette. Something bright would definitely draw one's attention away from the dominance of black.

Pattern Mixing

Mixing two patterns is something for the average style conscious man. Mixing three patterns, for afficionados. I appreciate the mixing of patterns here, the pin stripes and check shirt. Had the tie had a subtle pattern then it would've been the best in terms of pattern mixing. Converesly, one can say that the solid tie tempers the boldness of the suit and the busyness of the shirt.

Show The Right Amount of Cuff

It is said that the right amount of cuff to show under a jacket is 1 inch. Some gentleman go for more or less. In this instance Maxwell does it just right. The flow of the checked shirt continues on the cuffs, in case the jacket and its overwhelming lapels have hidden the shirt a little too much. Showing cuff is also pleasing to the eye when wearing a contrast collar and cuffs shirt.


It goes without saying how important double vents are on a double breasted jacket. There is a rule that says; a jacket must cover a gentleman's derriere, and this is true. As it is aesthetically pleasing to have your
posterior covered. I think vents are essential for men with a somewhat substantial derriere as well.
The vents accommodate this anomaly and the rest of you blends in with the suit.

Your Body has Contours

Let the double breasted jacket follow these contours. It's a must that a double breasted jacket be tailored at the waist, if this is done, then any man can pull it off. Whether bespoke, made to measure or off the rack, the waist must be tailored to a man's torso. This will accentuate the shoulders. Smaller men can also benefit from these dimensions and, a wide waistline is also tucked away neatly by the lapels.

And there you have it. The double breasted suit brought to you by yours truly and musician extraordinaire Maxwell. Good. Better. Best will come the day he reads Perfect Gentleman SA and employs all the knowledge on double breasted suits. For now, I will continue to support his music. Sure enough.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Anonymous said...

he's spot-on with this as opposed to earlier this week. thanks for posting.

Cheap Men Suits said...

Maxwell really looks good in double breasted suits. Love the suits especially that I desire to become a designer.