Wednesday, September 1, 2010

The Style Guy Solves My Pocket Flaps Conundrum

There's a lot of information I look for in GQ magazine. The U.S version, that is. The South African version is quite informative however it doesn't measure up to it's predecessor. What I do want to talk about before I go hunting for the August and September issues, is a question I once posed to Mr. Glenn O'Brien, the Style Guy. The answer was presented by Mr. O'Brien in the July issue with Taylor Lautner on the cover.

In recent months I have wondered, to myself, why some gentlemen wear their jackets with pocket flaps inside or out. The Style Guy first delves into the history of jackets and, that they were all once without flaps. Then on to the origininator of pocket flaps, Edward, Prince of Wales, who later became Duke of Windsor. Then he moves on to the construction, uses and functions of pocket flaps. If your jacket can be worn with pocket flaps both in and out, then by all means wear it as you wish. Sports jackets however are different in that they are constructed and meant to be worn with the flaps on the outside. Tucking them in will be a style faux pas.

He never did get back to my email but I got the answer I was looking for anyway. Thank you Mr. O'Brien for your sound and practical advice.

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spoozyliciouzz said...

Most of the team the style tipps are somewhat "rudimentary", but you can´t really blame that on a men´s magazine with a wide spread of different topics to cover.

The last german issue however contained some great pictures and information. Working in a media agency means being able to get free copies, which is a major plus :)