Thursday, September 16, 2010

SUNglasses Don't Belong Indoors

I feel compelled to address this issue, as it seems to have gone unchecked for a while. The wearing of sunglasses indoors by celebrities is somewhat of a phenomenon. Trendy one at that. So pervasive it has permeated through strict social etiquette and filtered right down to the masses. This is just plain wrong though. Apart from the act appearing rude and thus inferring that the wearer is being evasive, I also wonder if one's vision is 100%. Sunglasses at an indoor basketball game, that's just not on. I don't think I'd be able to see anything clearly. How about celebrities or regular folk wearing them inside a club. The lighting is already dark, so how does wearing even darker glasses aid one's vision...? Sometimes being cool can be so vain and ostentatious. So unnecessary.

This act negates so many rules of social etiquette: Maintaining eye contact. Not wearing sunglasses at night. Doing this leads to even more foolish acts, such as: Wearing them on your forehead simply because you don't want to put them away. Or even more asinine, wearing them at the back of your head. In all these instances I don't see the practicality and aesthetic. Therefore in order to save yourself the embarassment wear sunglasses whenever and where there is sun. You'll fit in perfectly.

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Mike said...

I think wearing shades indoors has a really simple reason for celebrities:

Paparazzi do shoot you all the time. With flash!

I've been to some parties (with c- and d-celebs) and became an eye whitness of how annoying this flash explosion can be. From one point on you just want to protect you eyes, I guess. Do you agree?

Mxolisi Ngonelo said...


I agree with you. It is a point that I thought of but didn't think that it could get that intense with cameras and flashes.

You have a point there.

Mxolisi Ngonelo said...

Mike, I have to go back to my post about shades indoors. Why is it that this trend is perpetuated by black celebrities more...? You wouldn't see Brad Pitt on a red carpet in a tux and shades but, I bet you'd see Jay-Z in the same outfit and shades. I really beg to differ on this one. The glare might be there but the trend has become unnecessary and uncouth to a certain degree.

Mike said...

Is there a relation to wearing bling? Maybe it's because of this Rap Star image thing: I you wanna be bad, you gotta wear shades?!

Do you really think this got something to do with the color of one's skin? I'm not convinced. But I agree that it's kind of rude to others. Maybe due to a lack of self-confidence?

What about Karl Lagerfeld? You won't see him without shades.

Mxolisi Ngonelo said...

It's definitely not a race issue unless maybe the media only portray a certain race perpetuating this trend. And the most prominent proponents are people within the the rap genre. I may be reaching there, but it is what it is, because it is what I see mostly.

Can we agree that Karl Lagerfeld has made it a part of his look..?

Mike said...

I remember an interview in which Karl said that he wears shades because of protection. On the one hand nobody will see if you had not enough sleep (or ganja-red eyes if we'll go for another Rap Star cliché). On the other hand foto flashes. Makes sense. Artists...

For me it's like this: If I can't see someone's eyes, I can't trust him.

But wait: Bono + George Michael. They wear shades all the time.

If think it is image like beeing kind of mysterious.

Mr. Dapper said...

I'm guilty, I've sometimes found myself on the dilemma of keeping them on or off indoors. For one it looks ridiculous on certain occasions, then again it might ooze a certain cool.

Buhle '08 said...

It's all part of image. I have to say I have never seen the kaiser without his glasses. Bono and Anna Wintour too. I think it just adds to that "back off, i'm celebrity" image that they want to portray.
I still think its not cool wearing them!

Danny said...

People who wear sunglasses indoors look so weird for me because the light is not that much strong. When I read Mike's comment, I get the logic of wearing sunglasses indoors. Some celebrities wear sunglasses indoors because of paparazzis who shoot all the time and the flashes can irritate their eyes. Sunglasses are very useful in protecting your eyes from the Sun's UV rays. There are thousand kinds of shades and we might get confused on choosing right one. If you get into trouble in choosing shades, you can ask the opinion of your trusted optometrist. Indianapolis (IN), my hometown, has a lot of great and professional optometrists (Indianapolis-based).