Thursday, October 7, 2010

If I Were The General (When personal style must comply with the rules)

Weddings are supposed to be a joyous and jubilant affair. From the lucky couple down to the catering staff, everyone always appears to be in high spirits. And rightfully so. This is an occasion when decorum and etiquette have to be strictly adhered to. Unfortunately the aforementioned factors don't play much significance in this day and age as people simply do and dress as they please.

Over the weekend what was billed as the wedding of the year took place. The nuptial took place between South African National Police Commissioner, General Bheki Cele and his bride Thembeka Ngcobo. The General just didn't comply with style rules when it comes to the groom's dress code on such an auspicious occassion. He is very much lauded in fashion circles, and therein lies the problem, in that most times the focus is on the brands he wears as opposed to the way he wears them. A big difference, and this is manifested in his overall presentation. I will break down the five most egregious faux pas:

Mismatched colours

I'm sure you'll agree, that white is almost always the order of the day. The mixing of white with a soft off-white or ivory doesn't exactly add up. It isn't pleasing to my eye. As the black and white aggressively dominate the jacket. An all white jacket would've been the ultimate complement. Not to mention a compliment to the bride as well.


A two button jacket always requires for one button be buttoned, the top button. Buttoning both accentuates features that one would rather keep hidden. In the General's case his slightly protruding belly. A one button jacket is the ideal choice as it adds some stylish flair and keeps one's buttoning options limited.

Accessories should be coordinated

The General is very well known for his sometimes outlandish hats. In this case, on such an occassion, the hat was very unnecessary. Not only did it seem disrespectful to the proceedings it didn't match at all with his jacket and the feather didn't go with the flower in his boutonniere. The absence of a pocket square was also highly egregious.

The groom must be the distinguished gentleman

In this case take the opportunity to distinguish yourself from all the other gentlemen present. Wear a bow tie and leave the mundane and conventional tie to the rest. The strogents in bow ties stood out for me for all the right reasons as opposed to the tie worn by the General.

If all else fails wear a tuxedo. Even mismatching the jacket and pants in this case would've been the best idea because a seasonsed image consultant would know that a tux in black and white would trump all styles. A gentleman is also spoilt for choice as well. The tux jacket can be white or ivory. It can be one or two button. There is also a choice of the jacket being peak lapel or shawl collar. The shirt can be either be plain or ribbed with black or white buttons. My preference is french cuffs, at all times. Pants could've been pleated or flat front with a single satin stripe going down the sides. If I were the General I would've heeded these rules.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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