Monday, October 25, 2010

The Khakhi Jacket One Mo'gin

Monday sees a repeat of the khaki jacket featured two week's ago. This time in a totally different combination save for the shoes. I call this the would've been Vodacom Durban July outfit. Yes, if I was going to spend the day at the races this past July this is what I would've worn. I love everything about this outfit however that love doesn't even come close to the love I have for the pocket square. That pocket square, believe it or not, is from PEP stores. Yes, that store I wouldn't be caught dead in as a kid, with all that low quality clothing. The pocket square was the perfect complement because it bounced off the red and white candy stripe shirt and the navy and red patterned tie. I remember seeing it for the first time, I bought two of them on sight.

Some people might have a problem with a small collared shirt paired with a jacket with somewhat big lapels. I don't think there is much of a difference, everything really melded for me.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


spoozyliciouzz said...

Yes, this is a winner outfit. Great colour combo!

David said...

An excellent combination that makes for an incredibly clean and well proportioned look. I also like the play on patterns with the striped shirt/dotted tie/plaid pocket square. Well done!!!