Sunday, October 17, 2010

Neckwear Paradox

Courtesy of Yahoo! Sports Ball Don't Lie, tell me if you can spot the anomaly.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


Mike said...

Well, 3 gus with bad tailors and an idiot with no brains at all.
In Germany you would get arrested right away wearing Nazi symbols like that shit.

Being a German, pictures like this make me very angry.

Mxolisi Ngonelo said...


This gentleman is an NBA coach. Did you miss the fact that he is black..? I don't think this was intentional at all. Just a case of a badly designed and patterned tie.

I really don't think it was meant to offend anyone. And I certainly didn't post it to offend people such as yourself.

I need to make it a point to check out your blog more often.


Mike said...

Dear Mxolisi,

from my point of view it doesn't make a difference if he's black, yellow, blue or green.
If you wear a symbol like this you must know its historic context. This symbol stands for the killing of over 6 million men, women and children in particular jews, mentally ill people, homosexuals, regime critics, gypsies and even blacks during WW II under German Nazi regime.

If this guy does not know or closes his eyes on this, he is highly uneducated or just stupid. One can't wear symbols like that because it is a punch in the face of all who suffered in the past. And especially it does not work as some kind of weird joke.

This is dishonourable.

I take your blog and your work very serious, but for posting pictures like that, comments like mine were predictable.

I you think, my comment is unsuitable for others, just delete it.


Mxolisi Ngonelo said...


What if he missed the pattern and just went for the tie simply because it was black with a pattern..? Like you said in your first response, badly made suits, that ought to tell you that the man is no style enthusiast and that he doesn't pay attention to the details. For him it's about a suit and tie, as long as it looks presentable. I really think this boils down to a matter of oversight with regards to the minor details.

Once again, I most certainly didn't post this image to offend anyone.


Mike said...


right, so what was the intention posting that picture at all? You labelled it "Fashion Foolish", so it is clear to me that something in this picture caught your attention and it wasn't the bad suits or the ball.

You figured the swastika tie not being an appropriate symbol to wear, clarified and slightly downplaying it by calling it an anomaly.

I think this "what if" discussion won't take us any far. Why all this efforts to appease the facts?
Come on, you're too smart for that.

But I will follow your assumption: If this guy (I won't call him a gentleman at all) wasn't able to think about that tie, why did the other guys (even the photographer or make up artist or best boy or who ever) fail in telling him that tie was inappropriate, offensive and an insult?

By the way: Have you ever seen a store selling swastika ties?

Maybe I'm too harsh but you mustn't forget that I'm German and we Germans have a big responsiblity in not to forget our horrible and shameful past.

What would a survivor of the concentration camps say about that tie?

And what would you do if your kids would decide to wear a swastika t-shirt?

And what would you do if you'd see a white guy wearing a "I like apartheid" t-shirt?

What would you do?

The Eccentric Orange Gentleman said...

Jetted Pockets on a regular suit. Tuxedo styling on a regular coat.

Glen Antoine Palmer said...

Is it possible that the poorly designed necktie only gives an appearance of a swastika like an optical illusion? It seems like some portions of the necktie look like plain X's, but at other angles it resembles a swastika. And given the distance of the necktie, the true print is hard to discern. Byron Scott strikes me as a smart fellow. I would like to say that the NBA would certainly not shoot any promotional photographs that depict such inflammatory imagery, especially when the president (David Stern) is Jewish himself.

Anonymous said...

Actually I didn't even notice the pattern at first I thought they were talking about the knots on the ties. The symbol of the swastika is over 3000 years old and it took one man to destroy the entire image of peace it has declared for that time. I believe it is unfortunate pattern choice and nothing more