Thursday, October 14, 2010

Style Savvy: Taking Advantage Of The Sun

I decided on some colour for Monday's get up. And this is how it came out. I enjoyed it thoroughly as well. I needed some exhuberant colour for a pocket square instead of the conventional white folded one. Therefore I had no choice but to 'swipe' from some of the wares that I sell now and again. I really liked how it didn't exactly match with the turquoise knit tie but the turquoise stripes did evince some semblance of uniformity. The jacket was an off the rack purchase and then altered by Salim, a Pakistani national, who handles most of my sleeve and cuff alterations. I even had the button holes opened on the cuffs because functional sleeves are one of my favourite sartorial quirks.

A quick rundown of the clothes: Pants, light brown with stripes from Menz Warehouse, Pink semi-spread collar shirt from Apples, Light brown belt from street vendor, Turquoise knit tie from Ben Kruger and Co, Khaki single breast jacket from Fashion Fusion, Tie bar from thrift shop, Pocket square from Finishing Touches, Shoes, light brown cap toes from WoolWorths.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.


spoozyliciouzz said...

Mxolisi, i like the upper body a lot. The colour combo is playing fine with contrasts between the light colours.
There is one major issue, though: i´d have chosen another colour for the pants, though. Maybe a dark blue, or some more daring stuff like faded red...and suede loafers.

Just my 2´re still looking dapper!

Mike said...

Hi Mxolisi,

stripes are some kind of an issue for me. I would never wear a striped jacket without its pants and vice versa but only as a suit.
So from my point of view I do support Spoozy's suggestion :-)

Buhle '08 said...

Like it and I like the fact that you didn't break the bank account and you still look dapper!!!

Pochettes said...

The pochettes looks very good perfectly matched with the blue necktie.Its a thumbs up for me.Thanks for sharing your post.

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