Monday, October 11, 2010

Spring/ Summer Feeling

There are many ways to beat spring heat. Yesterday however I had no choice. It was a clear cut case of if you can't beat them, join them. Temperatures soared into the mid twenties and I had no choice but to break out the tailored shorts. I remember reading, a while back, in GQ, that the best shorts are those cut or tailored from what used to be pants. I firmly believe in this theory. I have three pairs of shorts, all that used to be pants. At some point I opted for the chop because they were long past their best days, but as shorts, were only in their expressive infancy.

I opted for this navy above the knee pair of shorts with a turn up. Loose fitting, worn with a belt, two back pockets, this is my first pair of tailored shorts. Love them.

Since the shorts were solid in a dark hue, I went for this bright turquoise golfer (Elsewhere in the world, particularly America, this shirt is called a polo). This is some no name brand I bought years ago at Mr Price. I can safely say that when I purchased this shirt, I considered it a little too small for me, as my love of hip-hop would've suggested. Who would've known that years later it would be the perfect fit, hitting right at the waist and the sleeves hugging the guns. That's how a golfer ought to fit.

To close things out, faded yellow car shoes by Ferradini, gold oblong watch from my dad and a bright yellow woven belt.

This is not a difficult look to master, however one has to observe fit and proportion so that stylish nonchalance is conveyed. I normally wear these shorts without a belt however after looking at the rest of my accessories the belt went from an accessory to an essential. This srping/ summer be about tailored shorts and golfers. I know I am.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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