Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Youthful Ignorance: The Umbrella

Youthful Ignorance is a new series I will be running focusing on all things I looked down upon as a kid. Things I swore I would never be caught dead in. However, as age and experience have taught me, I have now come to appreciate, respect and love the things I once disdained.

Above is this week's weather forecast for Durban and as the season would have it, we have more rain than sunshine. Totally expected by myself. There was a time and place in my youth when I professed, loudly and proudly too, that I would never wear an umbrella. Imagine a young man in his early twenties in, baggy cargo jeans, Ecko hoodie, Timberland boots, a backpack...and an umbrella. What a paradox, where the aesthetic is glaringly absent. Those days are long gone, now I have come to appreciate an umbrella as an accessory with a necessary, important and stylish function. My dress code nowadays would definitely warrant the addition of an umbrella and this is something I welcome simply because I can incorporate it as part of my outfit on a rainy day (pun not intended).

This simple umbrella illustrates the point I am making in terms of stylish function. Imagine a navy blue suit with tan dress shoes. The umbrella is not only an accessory but a complement as well. And since navy is such a versatile colour you can use it to complement an array of suits or clothing combinations. However don't forget that function, in this case, is primary.

For a more in depth look and product review of umbrellas you can check out StyleSiteUs by Paul Walters.

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