Thursday, November 25, 2010

Current Wardrobe Review

This is a startling fact that gave me a jolt and awakened me to the sobering reality that my wardrobe is comprised of primarily winter garments. Durban winters don't get cold. Mild at best. Consistently cold weather is a foreign concept. I think the main reason for this wardrobe anomaly is the fact that summer is excruciatingly hot in these parts, and the hot weather carries on throughout the year. That's why the dress code in my workplace is relaxed from December through January. Therefore there's never really a reason to dress up. The traditional summer for Durban men is; shorts, of any kind, a t-shirt and any type of open footwear, flip-flops, sandals, beach thongs, slides, car shoes and imbhadada (traditional Zulu sandals).

This sudden sobering up is nothing but a serious call to action. I mean, I do have some pants in viscose, jackets in cotton and linen, but I'm over run by flannels, heavy wools, thick knits and tweeds. It's time I expanded on the summer gear and diversified. And that goes for the footwear as well.

PG: Man to man, generation to generation.

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Glen Antoine Palmer said...

I was in the same boat. Probably because it is pretty cool here in Michigan for a good portion of the year. Summer is gone just as soon as it arrives, so a great portion of my wardrobe was dedicated to staying warm. However, I did start branching out and targeting fabrics like linen and cotton. It does add some variety to the closet. Good luck.